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Super Milkshake Melancholia

by Edam Edam

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Fine 02:38
[verse] Your shampoo still smells behind my clothes I almost can feel it tickles my nose I still feel shaking, surprisly smiling I'll regret nothing with you [chorus] I'm cold inside But I feel fine Can't clear my mind Try to be fine [verse] I'm starting to watch all the DVD's We never get to the ends of movies And most of the time, I've got this in mind I'll regret nothing with you [break] I miss you sometimes But I don't mind Years after years I'm gettin' fine [chorus / ending] I'm cold inside (I'm so awkward) But I feel fine (Not all the time) Can't clear my mind (Feel like I'm blind) Try to be fine
The Kyng 02:49
[verse] Do you remember when we were 19 We've just barely met, already laughing, Mocking silly jazzmen and promising We'll be better Do you remember the taste of the muffins ? The air of the car in where we were playing ? The fucked up people ? We didn't even Give a shit about teachers I fucked girls and boys, you don't care about it You've seen me crying, 'bout that fucking git From that year, I had more happy times With you, than with her [chorus] It's been ten years, you know You've been successful A beautiful grown-up man And i'm a still teen fool I know when things slip out of my hands Could we just lie and pretend We're 19 again [verse] Now, don't you think, that the life was easier No fucking boss, no evil lovers We've got in head that amazing song that said "Today, it's gonna work" I don't know who, I'm supposed to talk with About Sonic Youth, about girls panties It's been 5 years I'm playing with A ghost, sometimes I'm lost And we played shows even if we were sick And we played alone, in "lavomatics" Whatever I keep playing music Something is missing [ending] It's been 10 years, just wow That I've met a Kyng Maybe, maybe, maybe, one day, who knows We'll be back on stage But now, let's celebrate that birthday Can I lie and just pretend... I don't miss you, man
Pathetic 03:17
[verse] Hard sun, it's getting hot today Rough heat, my tongue's too dry to say The pain, that digs into my head The pain, that digs into my head My friends, are taking a distance I'm still a kid but they are men I talk too much into my songs I talk too much about my own obsessions [chorus] Whatever how hard I try, I stay the same I have to learn how to live with that fucking brain I'm not gentle, I'm not pretty, I'm not clever I'm not a boy, but I'm not a girl neither I know that I'm so pathetic [verse] Hard sun, think I'm gonna stay home Big deal, because I'm all alone Summer, sounds like it's gonna be Bitter, without someone to see In me, I've got like a machine That speaks, sometimes instead of me I know, I look like a monster I know, I look like a demon Or a moron [break] Sorry for my crude words For acting like a turd Sorry if I'm laughing loud If I fly away like a cloud Jerk off 'bout your booty Yeah I know, I'm sorry I can't be understood I'm always in bad mood cause I'm pathetic Yeah that's pathetic Welll, that's pathetic 'cause...
Heavy 02:49
[chorus] I ain't got nothin' to do, well, it's heavy Living a life of an ogre into the city Twerking my big booty, I'm giant & silly I didn't become a monster, it was inside me Crazy hair, too tight shorty for my round belly Never give a damn of what they say about me How can not feel sometimes the melancholy ? Need to get well maybe Chillin', walkin' by, my home is the streets I know where to find something good to eat They know me in the 'hood, I'm a bag of food They said All my giant body is the picture Of all pretty kinds of guilty pleasures I'm the gluttonery, I'm the luxury That's it! But I did not see that comin' It happened a day, it was the morning I was so tall, taller than a wall I swear! Everything starts to get too tiny For my sexual life, for my belly I was too biggie, I was too heavy They said
Tired Trees 03:35
[verse] The time and the smiles are engraved on my face Like small canyons diggin' my flesh Now I can't look still young and fresh With pens or guitars, I built like a house Where things get beautiful, pinned on my wall -- But even if it's funny to lie, sometimes If I had to talk frankly, I can't act like I'm still 23 And my curly hair is even longer, now Look at my face now, look at me now [chorus] All days that seems so boring, are they so ? 'Guess for the moment, we don't know The next day can't be what you think it's gonna be The taste of cherries, Climbing trees, and kisses of exes, The punk bands, the old friends, the hot sand, gripping hands... The movies, strawberries, nerdy tees, scars on knees I'm a part of the tired trees [verse] The wind and the rain, are engraved on my back And the sun has darken my hair I can't go up too many stairs In the times when we are looking backward I hope I won't regret nothing I did
Golems 02:53
[verse] I got lost so many years To dummies I gave my ears My time, my energy Nothing's good happened to me -- Reading my comicbooks They should'nt do, but gave a look Giving stupid advices Keep'em all in your asses [chorus] Listenning at Golems was so dumb 'cause they're by her side Always do what's better for her, and not for me If you think I've got a problem, you better think twice Because now I'm free from all of you [verse] Too smooth, and too weak They walked on, my poor feet But now, that shit is done I still prefere to be alone [break] I guess it's normal to lose your friends or lovers But there's nothing that gets me angrier Than the ones who allowed themselves To judge and shit-talk, and all
With You 01:25
Time is a waste of time Some love the concept of love Don't matter if you're red or blue I want you to know I'm with you Friends, sometimes aren't good friends Work is often too hard work Don't matter what you say, what you do I want you to know I'm with you All the time of my life I've been alone even when I try That's why I'll always by your side No one should be left aside To laugh always makes me laugh Then cry, each time you wanna cry Don't matter what some say about you I want you to know I'm with you I want you to know I'm with you
[verse] I came home and threw off my shoes Started computer to check up the news And answer to people that sent me e-mails like we're friends The first told me "you're bizarre I don't even understand what's your gender" Why don't you focus on what's in your pants ? You're too dummy for me, go fuck your hand The second told me "you're cheap Your comix suck, your songs won't ever be in the hits" So I answered "wow... Where are your own creations, now ?" [chorus] Everyone has a goal You can be hot, can be cold Others are judging me They become angry and then it becomes funny I stopped being stressed It's not 'bout being the best They hate how I speak or dress Stupid shakles are made to be transgressed [verse] My words and songs can be rude They contain some violence and nudes But I'm tryin' to make good art Made with heart, made to be smart You came to say "oh, it's touchy It's not how you're gonna make some money !" But every stuff you think it's great Is what I call consensual shit I've got teacher in high school That thought I was a teen fool Everyone thought I will be Homeless at like 23 [break] Well, in my opinion I'm pretty good at transgression I don't try to be someone special But I'm feeling bad, surrounded by walls I've always got a taste for the stories about exes The ones who put heart in peaces, the book is closed I got pages That I won't ever allow someone else to write on I don't fucking care how much I'm wrong
Lucha Libre 01:48
Cheese 03:23
[verse] Glasses, tie, and luxury shoes Clean haircut and hipster tattoos Don't partronize me, you stupid 'cause you're not superior You think that I'm just a whore But I see clearly in your game You don't ever remember my name You choose me to be your enemy, It's silly, and you're just a bully Don't try to argue with me 'cause [chorus] You represent everthing I hate And that's too bad for You, have always been rich, I bet I don't care about Your dumb problems & your girlfriend I used to fuck with Breathe a lot and say "cheese" Breathe a lot and say "cheese" [verse] Proud to be know some celebrities Even if they don't mind about you It's funny you are like the doggies In the streets, that are seeking for candies You're part of that dummies Don't take that too personnally You are just what's wrong in that country Instead of gloryfing money Find a brain, a passion, or some friends To create something with'em
Greenberg 02:41
He was nothing more than a young punk that have grown He put his tie to seek a job that won't make him feel down He still had the tattoo he made in his glorious youth He's so talented with his brain --also his mouth I'm sitting just here, on his couch, with my phone I do nothing, he works, that young punk that have grown Greenberg. Are you okay ? I'm feeling like I want to start a civil war When I'm watching him, he deserves so much more See my reflections and I start to feel useless I'm a big fat loser, with no consciousness We fought sometimes, but it was never a big deal 'cause he was too nice, he never hurts my feels Greenberg. Are you okay ?
Awkward 02:37
[verse] She said stay away from me He said I'm made to be lonely I have to admit I won't get The best lover's price, I bet --- And sometimes I'm a piece of shit Self-sabotage in my friendship I'm uneasy with everybody So now there's nobody around me [chorus] I wish I could runaway Or just find something good to say I wish it Was not so hard To be not awkward [verse] All my days are pretty empty I live into my fantasy I can't even get on a skate I can't even swim in the lake - My ex-lovers want me to stop Two see my sex-comics in shops I'm a punk, a nerd and a queer I make you laugh, then I disappear
The Car 01:08
Do you remember all the things you and I Did when we were just teens Do you remember we were not afraid to die We were like invicible kids Laughing about our exes When our hearts were into pieces Drinking wine, fucking boys Playing punk, making noise It's useless to tell That here it's sometimes hell Without you Do you remember all the nights you and I Spent to talk about teen movies I drank lemonade, and you drank the finest wine We were like invicible kids We never shared any kiss Maybe it's something that I'll miss We've shared clothes and make-up My heart's tearing up Sitting in that fucking bar I'm asking why you get into That fucking car That killed you
Furyō 03:05
[verse] Hedonism is a school of thought That argues pleasure and happiness Are the primary or most important Intrinsic goods of human success I learnt ah, well, during some years To fight the insidious fears Of being rejected of society If I'd deny to do what they ask to me -- Riding bike, making fly the dust Here's there's nobody I can trust I've got poetry written on my jean's Nobody can tell If I'm good or mean [chorus] I'm sick of your silly laws That makes me wanna go In the sand, I dig my toes I will stay A Furyo [verse] Freedom is abilities to choose Not linked to win or to loose I'm travelling the land, with a baseball bat My only friends are the dogs and cats Underneath the cherry trees Assimilating all beauties That those silly CEO's just don't care World need me to put some glue on their chairs
Frankenstein 02:00
Plougastel 01:20
Drinking the best cider of the coast Eating crêpes, and reading Faust Blonde sand into the brownie hair But with nobody to share Early morning, empty beach Sand on the toes, it starts to itch To fill lungs with the purest air But with nobody to share They told me heaven's in Plougastel But if you're lonely it looks more like ...the Hell
Heroes 01:46
Ça prendra des milliers de routes pour trouver la seule La seule et l'unique que vous emprunterez Ça prendra plusieurs années pour réaliser Que si vous pouvez espérer le meilleur Vous pourrez bien être surpris-es Ça prendra des douzaines d'amours pour s'aimer soi-même Pour comprendre chaque bruit que vous entendrez en vous Ça prendra quelques yeux pour s'en foutre (des regards) Là, et seulement là, vous pourrez danser et hurler Ne laisse personne combattre à ta place Les laisse pas te dire quoi faire Du peu que je sais, tu es héroïque T'es un.e héro.ïne Je suis un héros Lui, c'est un héros Elle, c'est une héroïne Nous sommes des héros Nous sommes des héroïnes


released December 5, 2017


all rights reserved



Edam Edam Paris, France

50% punk, 50% folk, 100% slut

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